February 19, 2011

Lure of white and grey

With milder temperatures I decided to walk the West Hartford reservoir.  This time I pocketed my point-n-shoot camera, upgrading from the cell phone, but still intimidated by the DSLR sitting in the box at home.  When I look for inspiration from landscape, I view the images with an eye towards the design elements (line, shape, form, color, texture).  Wouldn't these make amazing large abstract paintings??!!  My brushes must be quivering up in my studio!

I've walked by this knot of trees soooo many times and finally had the chance to capture it today.  The bright overcast sky made picture-taking a breeze! 

Back to the water/ice mix, with a bit of sky for frosting.  Anyone recently see "ART" at the Playhouse on Park in West Hartford?  This could be that white painting!