March 31, 2011

Check-in with Sheila Hicks

Travel plans to Philly included a talk by fiber artist Sheila Hicks at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  No visit to that museum is complete without a greeting from the you-know-who of inspiring athletic icons:

Sheila surprises her audience by using them  to spontaneously recreate an installation stored for years in the PMA's basement. This is made from nurses uniforms, dyed, torn and draped.  Sheila then gifted it to the Phil. Museum of Art, holder of the largest collection of her work.

Sheila Hicks describing the 'S' and 'Z' twist that gives this work its shimmer.

Then the next day at the ICA at Philadelphia University, we catch Sheila giving a personal lecture to a local textile group, and of course, hop on the tour!  She's generous enough to give autographs and photo opps.  A serendipitous meeting, all in perfect timing.  Ck out:

Sheila poses with some high school art students and a random teacher (that's me in front of her!)
May I Have this Dance? 2002-3, commissioned by Target