May 24, 2011

Brooklyn on the Fly

New York Foundation for the Art was sponsoring a workshop on public art so Christine and I hustled on out of Academy a smidge early to hop the highway to Brooklyn.  We had the favor of the parking-space gods and snagged a spot just shy of the NYFA's front door, yippee! The workshop featured a panel that included artist Mary Miss and consultant Lisa Kim. It was informative and inspiring (ck. out  We found this on the building next to our parking space:

Jay Street (anonymous memorial).

Brooklyn Public Library entrance.
We did the tourist route: the Public Library on our way to the Botanical Gardens, and then on to the Brooklyn Museum.  Our goal was to see Judy Chicago's "Dinner Party" and we were greeted by several Rodin sculptures in the museum's foyer.  We love this place already!
Botanical Gardens in the rain!

Wisteria canopy.

Judy Chicago's "Dinner Party", Emily Dickinson's place setting.
Lots more to see in Brooklyn, we'll be back!
BTW: yes indeedie, these were taken with my DSLR - considering I had my photo guru with me!