May 7, 2011

Mural magic #2

Continuing our quest to stay involved in the arts, my class hiked through the city to the Old State House to work with local mural artist Tao LaBossiere.  As part of the 'United Arts Week' events sponsored by the Greater Hartford Arts Council, Tao explains his street mural idea as a 'coloring book' drawing, and invites the public to fill it in.  Lots of paint and chalk on hand.  We're down for that!!
Advertising AMP with his newly designed mural tee (see my previous post), this student maps out territory on the State House courtyard.
These guys have tackled the Capital's dome for their contribution.
Can't resist marking our new home on the Hartford mural, adjacent to the Colt onion!!
We all claim GHAA as our home base!
Some of my students have perfected the art of splattering.
The street mural as we left it at 12:30 pm.

Thanks Tao, we had a blast!!