June 13, 2011

Clothesline Conversations

Strange how things go around with new interpretations.
I love using my clothesline! I garnered that 'green' ritual from my mom, who has always hung out laundry to dry on the clothesline that goes from her back window out to the tree in her yard.  My own clothesline is much funkier.  It swings out from a second floor porch which is adjacent to my home studio.  Well of course, it becomes extended studio space when needed, complete with ventilation!
Spray painted deconstructed lace, prior to my "Obeisance" installation, 2009. 
Now, author and colleague Maureen is addicted to her electric dryer, so when it came time to figure out her newest installation piece (and her very first visual art attempt!!), she had to find a seasoned linesman.  I was a willing vis art coach.  Is there clothesline protocol, she asked?  Which way do you hang them, upside down or right-side up?  For 5 bucks at target she banged out an amazing work of art, full of emotion and fragility. It was exhibited at our "Integrations" show in April.  Now that she's crossed into my artistic territory, I may have to compete in the bookwriting category.  That thought makes me cringe.

Maureen and "Birthday(Ad) dress"
Colt-Gateway Gallery, 2011
Check out Maureen's latest book "The Other Cradling" at www.finishinglinepress.com/Oauthor.

And one more clothesline convert, my artist friend Stephanie sports her laundry on a breezy spring day.  I told her it was good for her soul and her electric bill. Check out the black and green 'Cashed Fools' tie dye shirt hanging there!
See Stephanie's artwork on www.stephanielauretano.com.