July 30, 2011

Heading west from Hartford

Lots of great visual and performance art when you head west out of Hartford, which seemed to be the 'auto-pilot' on my car lately.  Last weekend we caught Jonny Lang at the Palace in Waterbury.  I've always wanted to see him live and we were treated to a high energy show.  At first I thought: this isn't the Jonny I know from the blues cd's in my studio, but by the 3rd song I was hooked on his intense performance style 'live'.  Then he performed his to-die-for version of "Lie to Me" going from acoustic to electric that kept me firmly in the Jonny Lang fan club.  (This pic is for Donna).
The Silo Gallery at Hunt Hill Farm in New Milford CT had their opening for their newest show Im-'Print featuring an eclectic mix of sculpture, woodcut prints, paintings, and monotypes.  Steve Balkun had a chance to showcase his carvings for the first time in a gallery setting so it was exciting to see it all set up at the beautiful Silo Gallery. Congrats!
Stone sculpture and walking sticks by Steve Balkun.

Jeff Evans and Steve Balkun by Jeff's prints.

Then on to North Adams, Mass. where we met up with mixed media artist Debi Pendell in her fabulous home studio in the Eclipse Mill.  Debi gave us background of her move into the mill space and shared her classroom and short version of her refined technique of layering mediums.  She's an amazing artist and teacher!  We were treated to more of her new works at the NAACO gallery in town.  Thanks for a great day, Debi!  And a trip to No. Adams is complete only by visiting MASSMoca, where the 'unusual' is the norm.
Debi and I at her show at NAACO, North Adams MA.

Mary Lum: 1000+ fragments from the bottom of ordinary paper bags stamped w/the maker's name

Katharina Grosse