November 17, 2011

Bits n pieces

Well, Alfred really knocked me out of the blog seat for a bit, but I was never too far from an art adventure. When the lights go out….go out and see art (of course!)

last week my class visited with collage artist Joy Floyd at the Hartford Public Library to see "The Good Earth" show at the Artwalk gallery.  Joy told us about her process inspired by 'old and worn things', the students especially loved the ones with jeans!

Joy's collages inspired from old quilt pieces

I also ran into Joy at another wonderful collage show, just opened at the Pond House featuring the graceful work of Nancy Doherty.  Her show "Small Stories" includes collages all created from the pages of the same book based on the Tao Te Ching (her whole body of work totals 100!). 
Nancy Doherty and Joy Floyd, Nancy's art in the background