October 16, 2012

City Wide New Haven!

There’s still another weekend packed full of City-Wide Open Studios to go! Start your weekend early with a special screening of our Crystal Palace Experimental Film/Video Festival—the event will begin at 7:00 PM on Thursday, October 18th and will be followed by a Q & A with curator Liena Vayzman and participating artist (and Educational Center for the Arts alumnus) Bobby Abate. On Saturday and Sunday (12:00–5:00 PM) over 100 artists will be setting up site-specific installations and temporary studios at the Alternative Space, housed in the former New Haven Register plant (40 Sargent Drive). Visitors will also get a glimpse of a special exhibition, Another Crystal Land, organized by Terri C. Smith of Franklin Street Works and featuring the work of legendary conceptual artist Robert Smithson—a special tour of the exhibition will begin at 3:00 PM on Sunday, October 21st. For more information on all of our CWOS programming, please visit us online

The Alternative Space weekend sets New Haven’s CWOS apart from other open studio weekends by offering artists from across Connecticut, and those who are interested in creating site-specific works, a unique backdrop to showcase their talents. Each year the Alternative Space provides artists with the chance to show work in vacant historic properties throughout the city, connecting artists and visitors with different areas of New Haven each year. 

This year’s exhibition will take place in the New Haven Register
 Building (40 Sargent Drive, off I95), a mid-century building that was originally built as the Gant Shirt Factory. It has most recently been a newspaper production plant, where writers have long been committed to the same notions of transparency and clarity that will help inspire CWOS’s crystal-themed work.

The Alternative Space will be open from 12:00–5:00 PM on Saturday, October 20th and Sunday, October 21st. 

The empty railing: my next blank canvas.

Come by and check out my 'railing wrap' installation on the second floor!  Event coordinator JP Culligan gave me the 'rock star' tour of the empty printing plant. It was soooo cool!  My railing piece will be adjacent to the huge printing presses - unfolding its own story in their silence. Thank you to CWOS for this installation opportunity.

Here are some images from my tour:

the dormant presses

Participating Artists: 
Ian Applegate
Anita Balkun
Janice Barnish
Jeff Becker
Ethan Boisvert
Laura Boyer
Jodi Brown
Colin Burke
Hillary Charnas
Giada Crispiels
Grace Damien
Richard Davis
Gabriela Margarita De Jesus
Kathleen DeMeo
Thomas Drew
Pam Erickson
Susan Ernst
Camille Eskell
John Fallon
Joe Fekieta
Joan Fitzsimmons
Robert Fort
Andrew Francis
Francine Funke
Michael Galvin
Greg Garvey 
Meg Giannotti
Craig Gilbert
Jane Gilman Fleischner
Robin Gilmore Jopp
Ellen Hackl Fagan
George Hale
James Hardy
Louise Harter
Sarah Hendon
Elissa Hine
Graham Honacker
Brian Huff
Eric Iannucci
Nicole Iovanne
Kelley Kapfer-Kapp
Nestor Kaplan
Lisa Kereszi
Derek Leka
Faber Lorne
Karleen Loughran
Beth Lovell
Rebecca Lowry
Andres Madriaga
Dan Makara
Paris Mancini
Ariela Martin
S McGregor
David Mel
Courtney Miller-Rao
New Haven Mineral Club
Alan Neider
Raheem Nelson
Office of the Yale University Printer
Diana Ofosu
Judith Barbour Osborne
Ellen Papciak-Rose
Caleb Portfolio
Elizabeth Prontzman
Michael Quirk
Chris Randall
Thomas Regner
Valerie Richardson
Stephen Rodriguez
Margaret Roleke
Cynthia Rubin
Ruth Sack
Noel Sardalla
Martha Savage
Marcus Schaefer
Kyle Skar
Melissa Slattery
Christina Spiesel
Mark St. Mary
Jeffrey Starkes
Kate Stephen
Michael Stock
david K Thompson
Rita Valley
Frederick Velardi
Marga Veldhuizen
Marah June Wallach
Tracy Walter Ferry
Brian Walters
Elizabeth White
Jim Whitten
Christa Whitten
Glenn Williams
Linda Wingerter
Jeff Wrench