October 19, 2012

Set Your Sights on City Wide

For the second time in a month, it has poured on installation day, which challenges the integrity of my materials (newspaper, and previously, packing peanuts).   Bundled everything in plastic, packed up the car and headed to the New Haven Register Building.  It was good to arrive earlier in the day before the remaining 100+ artists centered their energies in the same space.

Packing FVAC Studio 6B

Fitting to the railing - 165 feet !!

Layed out in the shadow of the dormant printing presses.

Home stretch - weaving with poly strapping
Installation artist Faber Lorne, finishing up at the same time:

The 'shadow' on the floor was created by the movement of the employee's office chair that previously occupied this space.  How cool is that??

from underneath
Hopefully you are intrigued enough to come on by and check out the weird and wonderful world of alt space City Wide New Haven (Long Wharf exit off 95 so.).