July 5, 2013

Save the date!

Rockin' the Art Center in Windsor: getting ready to install the Graff show "The Streets is Talkin' " this weekend.  Show opens next Sat. July 13th, featuring music by Legalized: the Miles E. and Nick B. Experiment.  Can't wait!!

by graffiti artist Mike Cerullo, Danbury CT
Just found this interesting tid-bit:
Graffiti:  ORIGIN mid 19th cent.from Italian (plural), from graffio ‘a scratch.’USAGE In Italian, the word graffiti is a plural noun, and its singularform is graffito. Traditionally, the same distinction has been maintained in English, so that graffiti, being plural, would require aplural verb: the graffiti were all over the wall. By the same token, the singular would require a singular verb: there was graffito on the wall. Today these distinctions survive in some specialist fields such as archaeology, but sound odd to most native speakers.
sneak peak:
detail of sculpture by A. Balkun
Hey and be sure to vote for the Balkun Brothers here:CT Music Awards link
Starting today you can vote for Balkun Brothers in the 2nd annual CT Music Awards, Balkun Brothers are in the Overall Band, New Band, Blues Band, Rock Band categories. Also vote for Steve Balkun in the singer/songwriter category.
Lime light in Rochester NY last weekend!