September 6, 2013

Trash is In

The saying is really true: one man's trash is another (wo)man's treasure!

Abstract Recycling Exhibit at the Provenence Center, New London.  Serendipity brought me to this show and to meet some wonderful artists.  A new take on the previous exhibit at the Transfer Station.  I am honored to be included:

Grocer's Dilemma by Anita Gangi Balkun

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Next on the agenda:  Hub Cap pinwheel-garden for Artwalk's 10th Anniversary, Sun. Sept. 15th on the West Hartford Art League grounds, 1-4 pm. Artist led by me!  Come and join the fun!  Families welcome, no painting experience necessary.

How does your garden grow?
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Recent installation exhibit at the Morrison Gallery, Kent CT by Henry Kilmowicz
Artist statement:
“Cardboard is simple and straightforward. It is also a severely limited material. It has an ever-present cultural bias related to its past uses as a container or its present use as waste. I love it when the material transcends its cultural confines. If I can make something beautiful from cardboard, I have then said that anything can be made valuable, fruitful, or hopeful. I see this work as very positive because of the lengths that have been traveled by the material from trash to beauty. It is a statement about the possible—that all things can be redeemed, often for more than what was deposited. Creativity can be that redeemer.”

Disk #3

This exhibit was truly amazing!!!  If you can get out to Kent, selected pieces are on exhibit through Oct. 6th.  It is a "WOW" installation show, and very beautiful gallery.  We enjoyed meeting Bill Morrison and talking guitars too.

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BTW: it's all cardboard and hot glue!!!