March 9, 2012

What's up in the workshop

I recently attended a monoprint class at Creative Arts Workshop taught by master printmaker Eileen Foti.  Eileen was overflowing with information and I was in over my head for sure. With all my mistakes and inexperience, I did manage to get 2 layers on my print and hopefully will finish it with a return visit.

Eileen demonstrating how to burnish the applied gold leaf.
my print, w/gold leaf, step 1

With added layer of black ink, step 2
more to come…

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CREATIVE ARTS WORKSHOP: New Haven's Community Art School

In a workshop closer to home, guitars are on the bench - getting ready for the Farmington Valley Guitar Show later this month.  Steve's on a mission to show off his expert craftsmanship with a self-designed resonator guitar!
Steve shaping the guitar body

then setting the neck.
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