August 3, 2012

Rock and Roll to-go!

Why do we all want to be rock stars?  Here's a glimpse of rockin' life through the eyes of the artist's palette:

Photos by George Kalinsky at the Southern Vt. Arts Center:
Series of Rock and Roll Hall of Famers photographs
Pastel paintings at the new VT Center for Contemporary Art:  (gorgeous new gallery space!)
Jack Dowd's 27 
Amy, Jimi, Jim

Last week: live rock at Main St. Pub, the Three Wheeled Fonk Cirkis presents King Kong Dump Truck

Steve, Nick, Dan
Fonk Cirkis will be playing tonight at Arch Street Tavern Hartford.  Good way to get you in the groove! Starting at 9 pm.
When you're livin' with the Cirkis you never know where you'll end up.  We caught Gary Clark Jr. at the Ridgefield Playhouse - unbelievable!!  This guy can do it all.