July 22, 2013

Small town galleries with big art in mind

Be sure to read Vtica's blog (VT Institute of Contemporary Arts) by their director Abby, you will encounter something wonderful. This was one of her posts last week, with a follow up post (sadly) a few days later.  Read with an open heart as she reminds us how to honor loss with instinctive artmaking...

Embracing Impermanence
Yesterday I wrote a blog about a magical cairn site in Southern Vermont. My opening line was,"Inspiration, gut wrenching, tear jerking inspiration surrounds us every day; the trick to find it is to stay open." At the time I had no idea how prophetic those words would be....read more


Fiber show in the VTica gallery last yr.

More good reading:

Did you catch the Arts section of Sunday's Hartford Courant? Quick, grab it out of the recycle bin and turn to p. 3.  Our show THE STREETS IS TALKIN' is rockin' the arts news, feature story written by Susan Dunne. You can find it online too:


concrete on canvas by MIKEY

Windsor Art Center view: work by A. Balkun, B. McCarthy and A. Rivera

Upcoming WAC events during the graffiti exhibit:
July 27 Funky REBELion, hip hop crew extraordinaire!  2-4 pm
Aug 17 Jim Morrow, contemporary dance performance and talk back  1-2 pm
Aug 24 STREETS artists, graffiti demo and workshop - get messy!  1-4 pm

Funky REBELion performs at WAC Sat. afternoo
(Greater Hartford Acad. of the Arts students!)

all FREE!!