August 13, 2013

Here's to Vin

My Dad would have been 85 today.  I miss him dearly and remember the many ways he encouraged art in our lives.  He was an articulate wood carver and craftsman, following after his own dad, James Gangi.  My Dad could build anything (must be where my love of power tools came from)! Structures, like a garden obelisk or deck, were his specialty - though he attempted to fix most anything.

Dad (and mom) attended as many of my art openings as he could get to - though he didn't always 'get it' when it came to my art!  Still, he was there and thought it was wonderful, and often bragged about the artistic lineage from my grandfathers.

So in honor of Vinny, indulge with a slice of coconut custard pie while listening to the Big Bands.   I just slipped a freshly made one into the oven.