October 4, 2013

Seen on the Street

While searching for inspiration, I recently reopened "Vita Brevis", a wonderful book that explores contemporary public art.  In introduction Jessica Morgan states (about the nature of public artworks),

"I considered the peculiarity of their unannounced, unexpected discovery and the manner in which our half understandings can lead to many possible interpretations.  Rather than taking away from the intended meaning, these in fact begin to fulfill the communal ownership and collective interpretation that such public works seek to achieve."  In conclusion, she wrote, " I envy those who stumble innocently across these works, their world upset for a moment, their sense of place and time disrupted, and, hopefully, their comfortable assumptions confused.  This unmooring-whether of everyday experience or historical convictions-is the lasting consequence of the otherwise fleeting impression of Vita Brevis."

So here are some surprises I've encountered recently on the street, including one of my own recent installations in Hartford.

Not your everyday guy on the streets of Windsor!

(Anne Cubberly's puppet creation enjoying REAP Street Arts Festival)

Spotted at the Colt Gateway - Arts Academy, spontaneous installation by students:

Downtown Hartford, prayers on ribbons on an iron fence.

On graffiti row downtown Bridgeport, this wall read:

"Before I die I want to_____________"

I was awestruck (and will steal this idea…).

Also in Bridgeport, by the ferry entrance:

For Downtown Hartford PARK(ing) Day event: 
My parking meter topiaries and on-the-street-quiz! 
I had the perfect spot on Main street in front of the Library!

More info/photos at:  

My "green" space in a parking space in honor of the public parks of Hartford,
complete with hub cap flowers (courtesy of W.H. Art League).

Is that Keney or Riverside?? And the dog visitor made it an 'official' park!

Voting for "Elizabeth" as a favorite park!

(The original PARK(ing) Day?  it all started in 2005 in San Francisco…)