December 16, 2013

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You are invited to a Holiday Open House and Sale
hosted by Ed Johnetta and Ayisha Miller
Saturday, December 21, 1-5
20 Plainfield Street, Hartford, Ct. 06112
journals, original art work, note cards, books
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If your generosity allows, consider supporting an Arts Academy alum in his Kickstarter project.  58 hours to go! Any amount will help him reach his goal, More info here:

Kicked out of the house. Sleeping in the garage. This tired cop needs someone to talk to on Valentine's he makes an arrest.
Check out an interview Michael Capodiferro (Writer/Director) did for  the Filmmaker's Magazine website!


“EVEN THE DOGS KNOW” is a short film about a cop who desperately needs somebody to talk to on Valentine’s Day, and makes an arrest that night to compensate. Instead of going back to the police station, he goes back home with a guy who was bashing a pay-phone to bits. And that’s where our film begins.
At a family reunion a couple of years ago, I was told a story about my great-grandfather. He was a police officer in my town and when he would make an arrest, he'd bring that person home and invite them to breakfast. My great-grandmother hated it. Regardless, he gave them a home-cooked meal before bringing them into court. That story gave life to a script that has now become "Even The Dogs Know."